General Questions

The work we provide is intended for research and reference purposes only. As your PhD is awarded based on you carrying out the work yourself, you will need to use the PhD work we provide you with as a guide to completing your own research. This not only ensures that the research you carry out has been completed by yourself, but also that you continue to learn throughout the PhD process.

Using our services is not cheating. As long as you use our work in accordance with our terms and conditions, you are not breaking any of your University rules.

All the academics we use are PhD holders, making them highly knowledgeable and experienced experts in a range of fields. As practising academics, they know exactly the difference between poor and good academic material and support. Our services are supported by guarantees, which reflect our confidence in their quality.

Our services are completely confidential. Your details will not be disclosed to anyone, and therefore no one will know that you have used our services.

Our website provides educational consultancy services to students who are willing to achieve a doctorate degree in their field. We use a team of highly experienced academics from the most prestigious universities in the UK and the US. Each of these experts has a PhD degree and has helped many students attain their academic goals through research and tuition based support.

Sure, this is exactly what our ‘Application Assistance’ service is designed for. If you are struggling with your thesis topic or proposal, we can introduce you to an experienced PhD-educated supervisor who will assist you with selecting the title and writing the proposal based on your preferences and needs.

Yes, we can provide you with this service. We recognise the role of tuition and support in PhD students’ ability to successfully complete their thesis. So the PhD-educated supervisor assigned to you will collaborate with you on any chapter of your choice to show you how it should look like and what particular aspects it should cover to make sure it fully addresses your needs and requirements.

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Order and Payment Questions

To place an order, you will need to complete our order form with your requirements. We are unable to offer phone support however, you can email us any questions, but to place your order we will need a completed order form.

Unfortunately we do not accept payment over the phone. You can make payment by debit or credit card, or by bank transfer.

Yes. If your order is over $400 in value, you can pay in two instalments.

If you are ordering an entire thesis, we will break down the payment and delivery schedule by chapter, instead of requiring you to make payment for the full thesis up front.

In order for the writers to be reserved for you, we require payment up front, before they begin working. If you are concerned about the complexity of your order, we can check your requirements with the team of experts to ensure that we have a suitable writer before payment is made. If you wish to split the upfront cost, please contact our Customer Service team regarding an instalment plan.

Your order will be completed by a member of the PhD supervisor team, who will be an expert in your field. Feel free to browse the writers profiles.

As we use the highest quality PhD writers, we have to pay them accordingly. We value the writers hard work and dedication to helping PhD students around the world, and we are confident in the quality of work that they produce. Our prices reflect the standard of work you will receive from us – along with all of the additional guarantees that we offer.


Delivery Questions

The work will be delivered by the deadlines agreed between you and the writer. The final work will be delivered by the deadline you have indicated on your order form.

If there are any issues with the deadline you have chosen, the writer will notify you before the order begins.

Please note that we are closed on public holidays, which includes Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years day. We therefore ask you to bear this in mind when placing your order and selecting a deadline.

If you place an order on a public holiday, your order will not be allocated until the next working day

If you select a deadline that lands on a public holiday, your paper will be delivered on the next working day.

For more information, get in touch!

Your paper will be sent to you by 9pm (GMT) on the submission deadline selected.

Yes. In fact, with PhD work, we would encourage ordering your PhD thesis in parts, as a lot of work will be required, and usually a lot of amendments and comments will be requested from your University supervisor. Details of delivery breakdown and submission dates will be agreed between yourself and the writer before the order begins.

Yes we can. To request a draft or a plan, please mention this on your order form so that it can be agreed with your writer.

We maintain a confidential service by not passing your details on to anyone, which does include the PhD experts. You can contact them via email, through the customer service team at any time. This method guarantees that you remain anonymous.

In the rare instance that we can’t find a suitable writer, we will notify you within 24 hours of you completing our order form. If any money has been paid to us for the order, this will be refunded to you in full.

Guarantees & Aftercare

We are confident that you will be happy with the work you receive, however as is very common with PhD work, your University supervisor is likely to have a lot of comments and feedback that will need to be addressed. We therefore offer a free 1 month amendments period with every order placed.

If the writer has missed something in your original requirements, we will always fix this free of charge.

To request amendments, send us an email with all of the feedback or comments that need to be addressed. If you need these completed by a certain date, let us know so that this can be arranged with the writer.

Please note that our services are non-refundable once payment has been confirmed, as the writer will begin working straight away.

To discuss your options, please email [email protected] with your reason for requesting a refund. Our complaints team will investigate your request and you will be contacted by them within 24 hours.

Yes, we offer lots of guarantees with every order. You can view our guarantees here.

It is likely that even after your amendments period has expired, that your University supervisor will have more comments that need to be addressed. This is no reason to worry, a PhD involves a lot of work, and usually takes several years to complete, so it is understandable that you will receive consistent feedback.

We offer the option for you to request a longer amendments period for an extra charge – you can do this on the order form.

If you are unsure if you will need longer for amendments, this is no problem. If you find that you need extra work completed after your order is finished, just let us know what needs to be done and we will speak to the writer.